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Kate Levering takes over for Reese Witherspoon on NBC's Cruel Intentions

You didn't think NBC's sequel of sorts to 1999's CRUEL INTENTIONS was going to be able to land Reese Witherspoon to reprise her role as Annette Hargrove, did you? Okay, good, because it's not happening. Sarah Michelle Gellar may be back to take up as Kathryn Merteuil 15 years later, but it's going to be DROP DEAD DIVA's Kate Levering on the other side, replacing Witherspoon as the...
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Sarah Michelle Gellar set to reprise her Cruel Intentions role for NBC pilot

Sarah Michelle Gellar has reached a deal to reprise her CRUEL INTENTIONS role as the female lead in the pilot for NBC's planned reboot/sequel television series . Gellar was reportedly approached about playing Kathryn Merteuil once again shortly after the pilot was ordered, and last night the actress took to Instagram to confirm her involvement.  ...
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Cruel Intentions is being revisited as a television series

Once upon a time, CRUEL INTENTIONS was a big deal. At the height of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER's success, Sarah Michelle Gellar starred in a teen version of DANGEROUS LIASONS, where she made out a bit with Selma Blar. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe were also in the film, but whatever... Back to the kissing... The rest of the film was less than memorable, but that smooch...
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Resident Evil & Mortal Instruments spin-off TV series announced

German production company Constantin Film has announced plans for new television spin-off series based on the RESIDENT EVIL and THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES movies. The plans were revealed at the Mipcom TV market over the weekend, and Variety is reporting after the next RESIDENT EVIL movie (which last we knew was being delayed due to Milla Jovovich 's pregnancy)...
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Review: Price Check

PLOT: A bored but content office drone for a supermarket chain finds his life shaken up with the arrival of a new boss, a high-strung, filter-free L.A. transplant. When she insists upon his participation in a new marketing plan to save their dwindling business, the family man is surprised to find himself enjoying the ride. REVIEW: Parker Posey fans will not want to skip out...
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Parker Posey is delightfully crazy in this trailer and poster for the indie flick Price Check

Parker Posey, the rather elusive actress who first hit most people's radar with Richard Linklater's DAZED AND CONFUSED, has bounced around Hollywood, sticking close to her indie roots, while toying with bigger ventures (BLADE: TRINITY for one).  From PARTY GIRL to THE HOUSE OF YES, Posey has seemed to find a niche, which revolves around the quirky female lead and it's worked for...
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