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First international Churchill trailer reveals Brian Cox as Winston Churchill

Following in the footsteps of DEEP IMPACT and ARMAGEDDON, DANTE'S PEAK and VOLCANO, RED PLANET and MISSION TO MARS, as well as countless others, we're about to witness dueling Winston Churchill movies later this year. Our first helping of the Prime Minster of the United Kingdom will arrive with CHURCHILL, which sees Brian Cox taking on the title role. The Jonathan Teplitzky...
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Tom Hiddleston, Sienna Miller, Luke Evans & Ben Wheatley talk High-Rise!

Ben Wheatley 's HIGH-RISE is based on J.G. Ballard's 1975 novel about a societal breakdown within a high-tech, luxury high-rise. Class warfare becomes quite literal inside the building, and while the film and book are filled with all kinds of immoral activities (violence, pillaging, eating pets, the usual), there's a wicked sense of humor at work that lends the entire tale...
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Review: High Rise

This was originally reviewed as part of our TIFF 2015 coverage. PLOT: A young doctor ( Tom Hiddleston ) moves into a sprawling high-rise which operates under a rigid social hierarchy, with the top floors being home to the elite, while lower floors house the working class. REVIEW: Ben Wheatley 's HIGH RISE is a daring choice to help kick-off the Toronto...
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TV Review: Hap and Leonard

PLOT: Hap ( James Purefoy ) and Leonard ( Michael K. Williams ) are two ass-kicking best pals living in East Texas during the mid-to-late eighties. Let go from the latest in a string of menial jobs, the two are easily recruited by Hap’s ex-wife, Trudy ( Christina Hendricks ), in a search for some missing cash – only to find the job go awry right from the start....
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Hiddleston finds himself in compromising positions in this High-Rise trailer

Adapted from the J.G. Ballard novel of the same name, HIGH-RISE stars Tom Hiddleston , Jeremy Irons , Sienna Miller , Luke Evans , and Elisabeth Moss as they reside in a skyscraper where each ascending level represents a higher social status. An intriguing idea that turns into a dangerous one, as you can see in the latest trailer where you can almost see Tom's Hiddleston. Take...
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Tom Hiddleston loses it in the latest trailer for High Rise

HIGH RISE follows a young doctor ( Tom Hiddleston ) who moves into a sprawling high-rise which operates under a rigid social hierarchy, with the top floors being home to the elite, while lower floors house the working class. While we received some new images and poster yesterday , today sees the release of the latest trailer and shows us exactly how life in the high-rise goes. Take a...
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New images & posters for Ben Wheatley's High Rise & Disney's The Jungle Book

Last month the first international trailer for HIGH RISE was released, and now four new stills from the upcoming movie have landed online, as well as an elongated poster. The big screen adaptation of the J.G Ballard novel of the same name comes from A FIELD IN ENGLAND and KILL LIST director Ben Wheatley , and stars Tom Hiddleston , Jeremy Irons , Sienna Miller , Luke Evans and...
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Tom Hiddleston plays it low-key in the international High Rise trailer

Robert Laing ( Tom Hiddleston ) is a young doctor seduced by the lifestyle in a high-rise, an isolated community, cut off from the rest of society in their luxury tower block, and its creator, the architect Anthony Royal ( Jeremy Irons ). Taking up residence on the twenty-fifth floor, Laing discovers a world of complex loyalties, and also strikes up a relationship with Royal’s...
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Review: Momentum

  PLOT: After a heist gone wrong, a formerly retired master thief ( Olga Kurylenko ) finds herself pursued by an army of goons when material she’s stolen is found to reveal embarrassing secrets about those active in the highest corridors of power. REVIEW: DTV-actioners are really a dime-a-dozen these days, with very few good enough to distinguish them from the...
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Clint Mansell to score Ben Wheatley's High-Rise starring Tom Hiddleston

Director Ben Wheatley 's (KILL LIST, A FIELD IN ENGLAND) big screen adaptation of the J.G. Ballard novel High-Rise just keeps getting better and better. The movie already has a fantastic ensemble cast that includes Tom Hiddleston , Jeremy Irons , Luke Evans , Sienna Miller and Elisabeth Moss , and Film Music Reporters has learned Clint Mansell will compose the music...
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Disney gives up John Carter rights, author's estate plans to make a new film

It looks like Disney has officially given up all hope of making up their losses on Andrew Stanton 's criminally underrated JOHN CARTER. After failing to recoup the $200 million budget on the mis-marketed science fiction throwback, Disney has allowed the rights to the book and characters to revert to the estate of author Edgar Rice Burroughs. While this kind of thing happens all the...
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Resident Evil & Mortal Instruments spin-off TV series announced

German production company Constantin Film has announced plans for new television spin-off series based on the RESIDENT EVIL and THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES movies. The plans were revealed at the Mipcom TV market over the weekend, and Variety is reporting after the next RESIDENT EVIL movie (which last we knew was being delayed due to Milla Jovovich 's pregnancy)...
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