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Todd McFarlane on Spawn movie and Sam & Twitch TV series with Kevin Smith

It's been twenty years since the release of the first SPAWN film, and Todd McFarlane has been quite passionate about giving the character the reboot he deserves, and he'll finally get his chance now that Blumhouse Productions has come onboard. At New York Comic-Con, Todd McFarlane said that production on the " dark and R-rated " SPAWN would get underway next...
2 days ago
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Kevin Smith offers his opinion on the latest plans for the DCEU

It's a given that many Hollywood directors grew up reading and loving comic books. Among them, indie-ish filmmaker  Kevin Smith is by far and away one of the most recognizable for his passion toward superheroes and stories of a surreal nature. Recently, there's been a lot of confusion and talk among fans in regard to where Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment's wonky...
2 days ago
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F*Bombs - Clerks (Video)

Ever wonder how many F-Bombs are dropped in some of your favorite movies like PULP FICTION , SUPERBAD , THE DEVIL'S REJECTS ,  THE BIG LEBOWSKI  and RESERVOIR DOGS ? Well, JoBlo's got you covered with  F*BOMBS . Here we count each and every use of the word f*ck in select classic flicks. On this newest episode, we take on Kevin Smith 's slacker...
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Brian O'Halloran confirms Jay & Silent Bob Reboot role(s)

Kevin Smith has spent years cultivating great working relationships with actors in his movies, and bringing them back for new movies whenever he can. One of his most loyal collaborators is actor Brian O'Halloran , who starred in Smith’s first film, CLERKS, has appeared in numerous films for him since. Now with JAY AND SILENT BOB REBOOT on the way, O’Halloran has...
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Jason Mewes calls Jay and Silent Bob Reboot script "amazing"

Jay and Silent Bob are returning in an all new movie – JAY AND SILENT BOB REBOOT – and fans of the delightfully vulgar stoners are beyond thrilled. According to a new statement from Jay himself – Jason Mewes – that excitement is well-warranted, because the script from Kevin Smith is, in his words, “amazing.” The actor spoke with
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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot begins shooting this fall

After years of expanding his horizons as a filmmaker, delivering the thriller RED STATE and camp shock films TUSK and YOGA HOSIERS, Kevin Smith is ready to bring back his stonerific, Quick Stop-chilling heroes of man - Jay and Silent Bob - back to the big screen. After the director announced earlier this year he was hard at work going back to his roots for another adventure with...
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Another Wolfcop trailer brings more blood, guns, and donuts

Several years ago a little Canadian horror-comedy by the name of WOLFCOP was released which centered around an alcoholic cop from the small town of Woodhaven who transforms into a werewolf after being cursed. It was bloody, sleazy, and exceptionally silly — all ingredients which made it a hell of a fun time. WOLFCOP was hardly a perfect film, but it proved to be popular...
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Kevin Smith's new horror anthology Killroy Was Here begins shooting

Several years ago Kevin Smith set out to make a Krampus movie, but when Michael Dougherty beat him to it, Smith wound up shelving the project. However, after a little re-engineering, the project was brought back to life as a horror anthology entitled KILLROY WAS HERE, which, believe it or not, is already shooting in Florida. Like many of his recent movies, KILLROY WAS HERE...
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R.I.P. esteemed character actor Michael Parks (1940-2017)

I'm sad to report that esteemed character actor Michael Parks has passed away today. While never a household name, Parks has had a long and storied acting career in both TV and film. He's probably best known now for his lead roles in Kevin Smith 's two horror films, RED STATE and TUSK, but he had been in the entertainment business long before that, starting in 1958 on ALFRED...
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Kevin Smith plans to release his scripts for Mallrats 2 and Clerks 3

With the recent news that Kevin Smith is attached to write, direct and executive produce a series based on the Sam and Twitch comic book series , many are left wondering where that leaves the film scripts for MALLRATS 2 and CLERKS 3. Smith admittedly stated that one of the film's stars passed on the latter project, while no one else was interested in picking up a MALLRATS 2...
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Kevin Smith set to develop Todd McFarlane's Sam & Twitch for BBC America

These days, it feels to me like Kevin Smith is everywhere. Whether he's busy finishing up work on his True North Trilogy, resurrecting his Jay and Silent Bob characters , or directing select episodes of The CW's SUPERGIRL, the man is clearly on a mission to spread what love he's got to give for his craft. In what is a truly an exciting development in the world of comic...
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Kevin Smith to resurrect Jay and Silent Bob

After spending the past few years developing his True North Trilogy, consisting of TUSK, YOGA HOSERS and the yet to be filmed MOOSE JAWS, as well as directing several episodes of The Flash and Supergirl, Kevin Smith is looking to return to the View Askewniverse and bring back two of his most famous creations, Jay and Silent Bob. Smith has been attempting to get both CLERKS III...
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