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Exclusive: 20th Anniversary Tribute to Chris Farley's Tommy Boy

Most would agree that the best film in Chris Farley 's short resume is 1995's TOMMY BOY, a comedy that capitalizes on the late comedian's "aw, shucks" routine that quickly turned into a full on locomotive when unleashed. Now, 2o years after it's release, we take a look back on the film that helped make him a household name. Directed by Peter Segal , the...
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Peter Segal's planned Shazam movie no longer fits into the Warner Bros DC Cinematic Universe

Shazam! Just like that, long in development plans for a big screen take on DC comics hero Captain Marvel/Shazam are gone. Director Peter Segal , whose latest film GRUDGE MATCH is now playing, had been attached to bring a movie version of the kid turned superhero to life and now it appears that those plans are cancelled. Speaking to Coming Soon , Segal explained what happened to his...
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Exclusive: Top 5 Stallone movies vs. Top 5 De Niro movies! (Video)

In preparation for Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro 's match up in GRUDGE MATCH, we present a video countdown of the Top 5 Stallone vs. the Top 5 De Niro movies, pitting the two actors' greatest hits against one another. Both Stallone and De Niro have had long, varied careers with some benchmark performances (and some less than stellar ones to boot) leaving behind a legacy of...
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Review: Grudge Match

PLOT: Two former boxing champs- Henry “Razor” Sharp ( Sylvester Stallone ) and Billy “The Kid” McDonnen ( Robert De Niro ) - and lifelong rivals reunite in the ring thirty years after their last fight to settle old scores. REVIEW: I’m not going to lie and say that I had sky-high expectations for GRUDGE MATCH. While yes, it does pair two legends- Robert De Niro and...
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The trailer for Grudge Match puts Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone in the ring for one final bout

Yesterday we received our first official look at Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone in GRUDGE MATCH. I also kind of had a feeling that today we would get a trailer, and in fact we got one. What's the verdict? In my opinion, not too bad. There's obvious mo-cap when the younger versions of the actors are shown. The jokes aren't of the laugh out loud variety. I like how it...
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Here's the first official image of De Niro and Stallone in Grudge Match

If Stallone and De Niro get into a fight, not a movie fight, a real fight-- who wins? Wait, is that fair? Stallone has definitely kept himself in pretty good shape for almost being 70-years old. De Niro also isn't known as an "action star" so he doesn't feel the need to keep up the bod. What about ROCKY vs. RAGING BULL? Actually you can expect to see a little of that in GRUDGE MATCH, a...
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Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro have busted up faces on the set of Grudge Match

Is GRUDGE MATCH a good thing for Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro ? Putting two actors together who have played iconic boxing roles before is certainly a good idea. Not to mention that these guys are legendary in their own right. However, one must wonder what this has to say about De Niro at this point in his career? Stallone is badass and all, but he's not quite as box office...
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Stallone and De Niro to face off as two retired boxers in Grudge Match!

Every once in a blue morning, I hear about some news so utterly unexpected that it wakes me up like an adrenaline shot slammed straight into my heart.  This is one of those mornings, and this is the news that did so to me: Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro are going up against each other as retired boxers in the newly-announced movie GRUDGE MATCH.  And no, this isn't the first...
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