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After all these years Ken Russell's The Devils gets uncut release on Shudder

Ken Russell 's epic 1971 historical drama horror film THE DEVILS has reached almost mythic status among cinephiles. It received an X-Rating upon release, and was severely cut down (from 117 minutes to 103 minutes), as well as being buried by Warner Bros. The film dealt with themes of religious persecution and hypocrisy, which is said to be the main reason for its...
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Paul Schrader to direct First Reformed with Ethan Hawke & Amanda Seyfried

I like Paul Schrader . Even if he never made another movie ever, he'd still be (rightfully) heralded for his work as the screenwriter for  Martin Scorsese 's TAXI DRIVER alone. But he continued with more classic collaborations with Scorsese (like RAGING BULL and LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST), as well as his own directorial efforts like HARDCORE and AMERICAN GIGALO. ...
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New HBO series The Young Pope starring Jude Law releases new trailer

  More than a little disappointed that YOUNG POPE isn't about a teenage Pope with sunglasses, a backwards hat, and EXXXTREME views on Catholic dogma, but damn, this looks good! Then again, it  is  HBO, home of GAME OF THRONES, SOPRANOS, and...VINYL? JOHN FROM CINCINATTI? Okay, maybe they're not all home runs, but their...
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Hugh Jackman to produce and star in the Biblical film Apostle Paul

The return of the Biblical epic continues as Hugh Jackman gets into the mix of playing one of the most famous New Testament characters. Jackman is set to star in the title role in APOSTLE PAUL which he will also produce alongside Ben Affleck and Matt Damon . The film currently has no director but a script is being drafted by Matt Cook (TRIPLE NINE). The story of Paul is one...
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Kirk Cameron is Saving Christmas in the trailer for his new movie

Alright everyone, here is the trailer you were all waiting for. The first Christmas movie of the year has unveiled a trailer! It is Kirk Cameron 's SAVING CHRISTMAS! Okay, so maybe you weren't waiting for this one with bated breath, but this trailer is certain to stir some conversation. Cameron, the former teen star of GROWING PAINS and the LEFT BEHIND films, has made a recent...
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Robert Redford to play Oral Roberts in Jonathan Demme's Come Sunday

At age 77, Robert Redford is enjoying a career resurgence thanks to acclaimed roles in the virtually dialogue free ALL IS LOST and the villainous turn as Alexander Pierce in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER. With those under his belt, Redford may be close to embarking on another unique role for his acting career: playing a preacher. The Hollywood Reporter says Redford is in...
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Waterworld director Kevin Reynolds to helm Gladiator-style Jesus Christ movie, Resurrection

Kevin Reynolds is best known for directing the epic disaster WATERWORLD starring Kevin Costner which sent him into filmmaking purgatory for quite some time. It was not until last year's History mini-series HATFIELDS & MCCOYS, also starring Costner, that he started getting some more projects. The next film the veteran director is attaching himself to is a religious drama that takes a...
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The sequel to The Bible is coming to NBC

I couldn't think of a witty joke title for the sequel to History's mini-series THE BIBLE. I considered BIBLE 2: CHRISTIAN BOOGALOO, BIBLE 2: JUDGEMENT DAY, or even THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD. But, all of those are a little offensive so we will go with the real title: A.D.: BEYOND THE BIBLE. The Mark Burnett-produced mini-series had huge ratings (13 million viewers) and NBC sorely...
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After 20 years in development, Martin Scorsese will finally begin filming Silence in 2014

Martin Scorsese has been talking about adapting the novel SILENCE since 1991. He has gone through various stages of development including a lawsuit from a producer for filming THE WOLF OF WALL STREET before SILENCE. Well, after all that hullabaloo, Scorsese has secured funding for SILENCE as part of a two picture deal, with production slated to begin next summer. SILENCE is going...
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