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Cool Videos: Real Hollywood assistants mock the typical studio pitch meeting

On the heels of my Top 10 Ways to Save the Hollywood Blockbuster comes this video that illustrates everything that is wrong with the Hollywood studio system. A part of the ongoing Tinsel Zone series of videos, this clip satirizes what the average pitch meeting is like at agencies like William Morris Endeavor with agents like Ari Emmanuel (the inspiration for the ENTOURAGE character)....
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Which studios control which movie franchises? This handy chart breaks it down for you

Movie studios are all about consistent profit. There does not seem to be any benefit for a studio to invest in a movie these days unless it bears the hallmarks of a franchise. Movies like CLOUD ATLAS are usually the exception to what we see released with a big budget and that was financed independently of the studio system. If you look at the slew of films with delay issues (47 RONIN,...
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