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John Cusack and Sam Jackson star in the trailer for Stephen King's Cell

If you enjoyed John Cusack and Sam Jackson hamming it up in Stephen King 's 1408, then the following should interest you! The duo chose to work together again, this time on CELL. The story follows that a strange signal that pulsates through all cell phone networks worldwide, starting a murderous epidemic of epic proportions turning users into bloodthirsty creatures. A group of...
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First image from Cell starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson

The latest Stephen King adaptation, CELL, has released its first image today and readers of the book should be able to piece together what kind of chaos is taking place here. Clarius Entertainment announced today that they have acquired the U.S. rights to the upcoming horror thriller based on Stephen King ‘s best-selling novel. King also adapted the screenplay for the film...
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First Look: Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusack in Stephen King's Cell

John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson are making CELL their second Stephen King collaboration. The two first made horror magic in 1408. Well, maybe you didnít think it was horror magic, but I thought it was one of the better flicks of the genre to come out in the past 10 years. If that one didnít do too much for you, maybe CELL will. The story centers on Ēthe fallout when a...
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C'mon Hollywood: The Paranormal Activity franchise needs to be put to rest!

Without sounding like a hater, I love PARANORMAL ACTIVITY . I don't think I've ever been more afraid in a movie theater and even several nights later, I was still affected by that final image of Katie Featherstone. While the second and third entries were also really good, that fourth one was, well, really bad. While I wouldn't say PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 was the worst horror film I've...
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