A Void: Aya Cash, Joshua Leonard, Alison Pill star in horror thriller from director Matt D’Elia

Eleven years after making his feature writing and directing debut with the comedy American Animal (a film he also starred in), Matt D’Elia is ready to make his second feature – and this time he’s making a “genre-bending relationship horror thriller” called A Void. Variety reports that Aya Cash (The Boys) has signed on to star in the film alongside Joshua Leonard (The Blair Witch Project) and Alison Pill (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World).

Set to begin filming next year, A Void will tell the story of

troubled lovers Sarah and Nick, lifelong urbanites and intellectuals, who move from the city to the country to start a new chapter. As their repressed traumas become more evident, so too do the cracks in their relationship. These problems are only compounded when they encounter a mysterious anomaly on their property: An inexplicable black void that, according to all laws of physics, shouldn’t and can’t exist — and yet, there it is.

As Sarah and Nick attempt to understand what they’ve stumbled upon, bizarre and terrifying events begin to take place, both in their dreams and in their waking lives.

Visit Films will be presenting A Void to potential buyers at the American Film Market. The film is being produced by Adam Mitchell, Mark Rapaport, and Amanda Kramer. Jeremy Cox will be providing the visual effects, while Britt and Alex Brown of the occult industrial drone-duo Robedoor handle the score and sound design.

D’Elia had this to say about his new film: “I could not be more excited to make my film, A Void. With uncertainty all around us these days — everywhere we look, in all shapes and forms — I believe this is the best possible time to make this kind of movie. And I’m beyond thrilled for Visit Films to showcase the film at AFM, and to help bring A Void to audiences all around the world.

A Void sounds interesting to me and the three actors D’Elia have cast in it are all great, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this is going to turn out. Are you interested in A Void? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

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Source: Variety

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