Adam Green has written a new Hatchet story for Halloween Tales comic

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Last October, comic book publisher American Mythology Productions released an anthology comic called VICTOR CROWLEY'S HATCHET HALLOWEEN TALES, which told "three creepy tales" set in the world of the HATCHET slasher franchise. This September 30th, American Mythology Productions will be releasing a follow-up, VICTOR CROWLEY'S HATCHET HALLOWEEN TALES II, and this time around one of the contributing writers is HATCHET creator Adam Green.

The two other tales in the comic were written by Jason Pell and James Kuhoric, both of whom wrote stories for the previous HALLOWEEN TALES book.

Spend another Halloween with three NEW creepy tales from Honey Island Swamp! This year’s volume of violence (including an original story by HATCHET creator and filmmaker Adam Green) is available in 3 awesome covers! 

In "Witch Way To Honey Island Swamp" Green tells the story of three witches trespassing on Victor Crowley's home turf. Jason Pell (Beware The Witch's Shadow) chills you with "Dimitri Fought A Bear" and splatter/horror veteran James Kuhoric (Freddy vs Jason vs Ash) caps it off with the tragic tale of "Weed." Plus – our horrific holiday fun pages are back with a bloody vengeance! 

HATCHET: Victor Crowley's Halloween Tales II is available in 3 covers – "Main" by Roy Allan Martinez, "Carved" by Richard Bonk, and "Racy" by Mike Wolfer! 

The three covers can be seen below, along with a preview of some blood-splattered panels from the book. Signed copies of VICTOR CROWLEY'S HATCHET HALLOWEEN TALES II can be pre-ordered from Adam Green's Ariescope web store

I'm always interested in these HATCHET comic books, and the fact that Green wrote a story for this one makes it a must-read to me.

Victor Crowley's Hatchet Halloween Tales IIVictor Crowley's Hatchet Halloween Tales II

Source: Ariescope

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