Attack the Block 2: John Boyega and Joe Cornish are collaborating on the story

For years we’ve been hearing that writer/director Joe Cornish and actor John Boyega have been talking about making a sequel to their 2011 alien invasion film Attack the Block (watch it HERE). The project was officially announced last year – and now Boyega has revealed to the folks at Collider that he and Cornish have been crafting the story for Attack the Block 2 together.

Boyega said,

The story has actually been presented by myself and Joe Cornish. We’ve collaborated heavily on making a story that makes sense for Moses and the other characters, and the new characters that will be coming up in the sequel too. And then, also, there’s different perspectives in writing it, with Joe having his perspective and me having mine. London has changed so much, in so many different ways, over the years since the first movie. We’re just trying to make sure we explore all of that, while bringing in a whole different vibe to that crazy ass first movie that we made.”

The first Attack the Block wasn’t a box office success, but quickly earned a cult following. The film told the story of

a teenage street gang (led by Boyega’s character Moses) who have to defend themselves from predatory alien invaders on a council estate in South London on Guy Fawkes Night.

Boyega was joined in the cast by Jodie Whittaker, Alex Esmail, Franz Drameh, Leeon Jones, Simon Howard, Nick Frost, Luke Treadaway, Jumayn Hunter, Danielle Vitalis, Paige Meade, Sammy Williams, Michael Ajao, and Chris Wilson.

I wasn’t a fan of Attack the Block when it was released, but now I’m feeling like it might be time for me to give the movie another chance. Are you a fan of the film, and are you looking forward to Attack the Block 2? What would you like to see in a sequel? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Attack the Block

Source: Collider

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