Bam Margera posts new skateboard vids on the road to recovery

Bam Margera posted multiple videos of himself skateboarding, showing fans that he may be well on the road to recovery.

Bam Margera

Bam Margera may be moving out of his jackass phase, posting videos this week that showed he still has chops on the skateboard. At 44 and with far too many years of substance abuse to his name, Margera may not move as quickly as he once did, but it is awesome to see he can still work the deck.

Bam Margera posted two videos on Instagram this week, continuing a steady run of clips that have given fans promising updates on his health, both physically and mentally. And his followers have been extremely supportive, saying the videos remind them of Margera’s better days. Check out Margera’s moves below:

A staple of MTV’s Jackass, Bam Margera stood out in a stable of dudes that would do anything – and we do mean anything – for a laugh or to gross people out. While Margera undoubtedly had his outrageous moments, a lot of his antics revolved around his passion for skateboarding…and also harassing his parents on his namesake Viva La Bam.

But continued substance abuse – only escalating after the 2011 death of his close friend Ryan Dunn – pushed Bam Margera into a deeper tailspin that found him in numerous rehab stints, a custody battle and too many leaked videos of his erratic behavior in public. He, too, would have a major falling out with his Jackass pals, even being fired from 2022’s Jackass Forever, a situation that resulted in him filing a lawsuit against co-creators Johnny Knoxville, Jeff Tremaine and Spike Jonze.

Bam Margera has had some reconciliation within his former circle, however, appearing on Steve-O’s podcast to reveal that he was legally dead following a bout of “gnarly COVID.”

Despite his struggles, it does seem as if Bam Margera wants to focus on the positive; and while addiction never truly goes away, it appears he may be going in the right direction based on his social media posts as of late. They are most definitely a far cry from than last year’s comments that he would smoke crack until he died unless he was allowed to see his son…We here at certainly hope Bam Margera continues to rebound from his issues and get his life back in order.

What do you hope Bam Margera does throughout his continued recovery? Do you want to see him in more mainstream projects? Share your thoughts below.

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