Catherine Hardwicke directing quasi-Wishmaster remake Wish Upon

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Catherine Hardwicke, still known the world over for helming the first TWILIGHT film, is gearing up for WISH UPON, a sure-to-be PG-13 supernatural thriller that sounds like a YA WISHMASTER reboot. (Not that WISHMASTER is good or anything.)

According to The Wrap, WISH UPON focuses on…

a 16-year-old girl who finds a magic box that promises to grant her seven wishes, but with each wish comes dark and gruesome consequences.

Who already foresees this character being impossibly dumb? Stop making wishes! we’ll all be screaming as she makes bad choice after bad choice.

Broad Green Pictures and Busted Shark Productions are producing WISH UPON, which was penned by Barbara Marshall, who was a staff writer on Spielberg’s short-lived Terra Nova TV series.


Source: The Wrap

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