Christmas Evil (1980) – The Test of Time

Longtime readers of Arrow in the Head will probably remember the article series The Test of Time. Now The Test of Time has been revived as a video series, and you can check out the new episode in the embed above! Christmas Day has come and gone, but the holiday festivities continue with this episode, as the film we’re looking at is the 1980 holiday horror cult classic Christmas Evil (watch it HERE)!

Written and directed by Lewis Jackson, Christmas Evil has the following synopsis:

As a boy, he saw mommy making love to Santa Claus. As an adult, he is a crazed killer who has kept a list of all the girls who have been good, and a list of all the girls who have been bad. It’s Christmas time, and all the bad girls are in trouble. A man dressed as Santa Claus is stalking the streets, brutally murdering innocent girls. Who’s to say if the kindly old gent, whose knee your daughter sits upon, is a maniacal murderer?

Brandon Maggart, Gus Salud, Jeffrey DeMunn, Wally Moran, Dianne Hull, Joe Jamrog, Peter Neuman, Mark Chamberlin, Scott McKay, Peter Friedman, Burt Kleiner, Patricia Richardson, Raymond J. Barry, Mark Margolis, Rutanya Alda, Michael Klingher, and Colleen Zenk star.

The Test of Time series has the following description: We all have certain movies we love. Movies we respect without question because of either tradition, childhood love, or because they’ve always been classics. However, as time keeps ticking, do those classics still hold up? Do they remain must-see? So… the point of this series is to determine how a film holds up for a modern horror audience, to see if it stands the Test of Time.

This episode of The Test of Time was Written by Andrew Hatfield, Narrated by Niki Minter, Edited by Mike Conway, Produced by Lance Vlcek and John Fallon, and Executive Produced by Berge Garabedian.

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