Do we now know what The Conjuring sequel might focus on?

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

James Wan's THE CONJURING recently surpassed $100 million at the box office and is well on its way to becoming one of the highest grossing supernatural horror films ever, performing beyond all expectations while breaking barriers as not just a great horror film, but a great film of any genre. Our own John 'The Arrow' Fallon went bananas over it (read his review HERE) and many of our readers here at AITH have let us know how much they dug it as well. It is not surprising that, with critics and audiences loving it and the film itself making huge bank at the box office, New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Pictures have fast-tracked a sequel, which would continue the adventures of Ed and Lorraine Warren, played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, respectively.

So what will the sequel be about? We now have an inkling of an idea as Aint it Cool News is reporting that the Warren case file writers Carey and Chad Hayes are looking at occurs in the late '70s and centers on two sisters in Enfield, England, who were allegedly possessed. According to the case file…

…Warren said she personally saw them levitate and even saw one of the sister dematerialize in front of her only to be found 20 minutes later stuffed into an oversized fuse box, contorted in such an unnatural way that they couldn’t have replicated it if they tried. She also said that the demon spoke directly to her husband on many occasions. Warren cited this case as one of the most terrifying experiences of her career.

While many of us would be up to see the next film focus of the Warren's investigation of the infamous Amityville haunting (as was hinted at during the final moments of THE CONJURING), that particular story has kind of been done to death, so taking another story from the Warren case files that most people are unfamiliar with sounds like the right way to go.

At the moment, there is no confirmation that this story is the one the writers will run with for the sequel, but as always we'll keep you up to date on news regarding THE CONJURING 2 (or whatever it will be called).

Source: Ain't It Cool

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