El Paso, Elsewhere: LaKeith Stanfield to star in vampire hunter video game adaptation

LaKeith Stanfield has signed on to star in and produce an adaptation of the vampire hunter video game El Paso, Elsewhere

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LaKeith Stanfield, whose credits include Get Out, The Book of Clarence, Sorry to Bother You, Atlanta, The Harder They Fall, and Haunted Mansion, has signed on to star in the video game adaptation El Paso, Elsewhere, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. Stanfield will also be producing the film alongside Lorenzo di Bonaventura (who is best known for being behind the Transformers franchise) and Colin Stark.

Developed and published by Strange Scaffold, El Paso, Elsewhere is a third-person shooter video game that follows a vampire hunter named James Savage who is on the hunt for his ex-girlfriend, named Janet (AKA Draculae), who seeks to bring about the end of the world.

The producers of the film adaptation provided the following logline: Recovering from a toxic relationship, James Savage (Stanfield) confronts both his inner demons and enigmatic ex-girlfriend, Janet, before she executes a world-ending ritual. James navigates her reality-bending universe of ethereal monsters while facing the truth of his own addictions and skewed sense of self-worth. James learns that the only route to love is through healing.

El Paso, Elsewhere was only just released in in September of 2023, so Stanfield and his collaborators jumped on this property quickly. The Hollywood Reporter notes that the adaptation doesn’t currently have a “writer or director, as the project is still being packaged in the hopes of finding a studio home.” So it might still take a while for this one to be put together and sent into production.

I hadn’t heard about El Paso, Elsewhere before this news broke, but any horror story that centers on a vampire hunter is going to have my attention, in hopes that it will turn out to be as cool as something like Blade or The Lost Boys. I’ve also been impressed by LaKeith Stanfield’s acting skills in the projects I’ve seen him in, so I’m definitely interested in seeing him go after some vampires.

Have you played El Paso, Elsewhere? What do you think of LaKeith Stanfield signing on to star in and produce a film adaptation of the game? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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