Exclusive: Wes Craven updates us on the future of Scream and Coming of Rage

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

I had the extreme pleasure of talking to Wes Craven the other day while the director was in Austin, Texas, for the SXSW Film Festival. The main purpose of our chat was the new AMC venture he’s taking part in, Yeah!, which we’ll get to in a day or two. But first, I just wanted to pass along Craven’s comments about the future of the SCREAM franchise, as well as the comic book he and Steve Niles are working on called COMING OF RAGE, which was first announced last summer.

For the people who are aching for another SCREAM film, is there hope for SCREAM 5?

Craven: So far I have not heard anything about SCREAM 5 from Bob Weinstein. There is some talk about a television series, but I don’t think anything has moved forward on that yet. That’s what I’m hearing more than anything else from the guys at Dimension. It would be them picking up the phone and asking me if I wanted to play with them, so…

And what’s next for you?

Craven: I’m doing a five-issue comic-book series called COMING OF RAGE, which is about a teenage kid who is born into a family of vampires and doesn’t know i until his coming of age, so to speak, which comes in the middle of a bar fight, when he’s gone into a place he shouldn’t have. He’s helped by a guy and a girl, and she turns out to be a zombie, and the guy turns out to be a werewolf. It’s a road picture, believe it or not, sort of “them against the world.” And it turns out each one of them has one human parent, so it sort of bridges both worlds. It’s a coming of age – or coming of rage – story, what can I say? I wrote the entire outline with Steve [Niles] and now he’s off writing the entire first drafts of all the issues.

And that could become a feature film one day?

Craven: Oh absolutely, that’s part of the deal. I have first dibs on a feature of it.

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