Female Jim Carrey lookalike Heather Shaw goes full Lloyd Christmas

Female stand-up Heather Shaw has gone viral again for her similarities to Jim Carrey, down to the chipped tooth.

Last Updated on August 3, 2023

Jim Carrey lookalike

Alllllrighty then! A female comedian is getting attention for her resemblance to…yup, Jim Carrey. In a resurfaced video starring Heather Shaw, she notes that she often feels like she looks like the Wish.com version of the rubber-faced Carrey.

In the video, Heather Shaw jokingly recognizes that her similarities to Jim Carrey definitely limit her to her professions. “It is kind of ironic that I have this face and I’ve always wanted to be a comedian since I was a kid…What else am I going to do? Like, imagine if I was a doctor with this face, you know, just walking in line, ‘Bad news: it’s cancer…Good luck!’” Now, before we even ass her a few questions, Shaw previously said that the similarities have boosted her appeal, saying, “It’s helped my comedy career a bit as I’m able to have a following of fans and do bigger and better things in my comedy career.”

While the initial video went viral late last year, it has again popped up, with those still unfamiliar with Heather Shaw getting a taste of just how much she resembles Jim Carrey. In a cruel twist of fate, she noted, “I believe the universe is f*cking with me. Not only do I have Jim Carrey’s face, but tonight I chipped my tooth.” The tooth, of course, is something Jim Carrey actually has and showed off prominently in Dumb and Dumber as Lloyd Christmas. Now if we can just get her to lace a knock-off Jeff Daniels’ coffee with an esteem laxative, we’ve got a remake of legendary status! Unfortunately, since Carrey doesn’t plan on revisiting his most famous characters, this might be the best backup plan…

Heather Shaw is clearly taking it all in good stride and, at worst, could probably do OK on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. At least she wouldn’t beg for money like those weirdo Spider-Men. Overall, she sticks the voice, inflections and mannerisms quite well, so we have to commend her for going with it. Nice work, Heather Shaw — and in case we don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

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Source: LADbible, The Mirror

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