Final Destination 6 will feature the return of Tony Todd’s mortician

Tony Todd is set to revive Bludworth for a new Final Destination that will explore his back story and shake up the series formula.

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One of the more underrated character actors who has amassed a cult following is Tony Todd. The deep-voice and intimidating figure of the actor is a perfect fit for the horror genre and gained recognition with his turn in the original Candyman. Bloody Disgusting is reporting that sources have revealed that Todd will be making a return to another horror series with the upcoming Final Destination 6.

Not too many details have been revealed, but this installment is said to revolve around a plot involving first responders. The sources also reveal that the sequel will delve into the background of Todd’s mortician character, Bludworth. This apparently includes having flashbacks to his childhood, which are said to reveal more about his connection to death.

Jeffrey Riddick, writer of the earlier entries, will pick back up with the series as he’s involved with Final Destination 6. He professes that the new chapter will shake up aspects of the series. In a previous interview with Collider, he stated, “You can’t get away from the cheating death and death coming after you part of it because that’s what makes it a Final Destination film.”

He added that this one “doesn’t just kind of add another layer. Usually there’s a new layer every film where it’s like, ‘Oh, well, this can save you or this can save you.’ This film dives into it in such a unique way, it attacks it from a different angle, so you don’t feel like, ‘Oh, there’s an amazing setup and then there’s gonna be one wrinkle that can potentially save you’ … There’s an expansion of the universe … an expansion of the world of Final Destination that I think fans are gonna be really interested in and intrigued by. When I say it doesn’t add a layer, it’s not just, ‘Hey, if you murder somebody in your place, you’ll live.’ It kind of unearths a whole deep layer to the story that kind of, yes, makes it really, really interesting.“

Jon Watts, a director now known for his MCU Spider-man movies, is producing Final Destination 6 with Dianne McGunigle, Sheila Hanahan Taylor, and Craig Perry. Lori Evans Taylor is writing the script with Guy Busick, co-writer of the new Scream movies, and they’re working from a story and treatment that was written by Watts. 

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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