Five Horror Movies to Watch This New Year’s Eve

Five Horror Movies to Watch This New Year's Eve

Very soon here we will all be ringing in the New Year. We'll be making resolutions we can't keep and kissing people we probably shouldn't under the great dropping Times Square ball. But for those of us that can manage to keep ourselves out of a trouble on December 31st, and prefer a little chill horror movie viewing party as opposed to a raging kegger (or whatever the kids are going these days) we here at AITH wanted to shot you some recommendations of horror movies set on or around New Year's Eve!


5. End of Days (1999)

I remember END OF DAYS being a major disappointment to me when I first peeped it back in 1999. That said, I've heard from a few trusted associates throughout the years that I need to give the film another chance. And what better time and/or reason to give the Ah-nold vs the f*cking devil action-horror movie another shot than New Year's Eve? Exactly. So if you're someone who loves the flick, or you only saw it once and have been told it deserves a revisit, then let's get to it. Christine York… Christ in New York… pfft.


4. New Year's Evil (1980)

Ah, good old NEW YEAR'S EVIL. For those who may have missed this film throughout the years, here's a rundown on the plot. A disc jockey working on New Year's Eve (natch) gets a call from a psycho killer. Said killer tells her that he is going to murder someone in each time zone at the stroke of midnight, with her midnight-murder being scheduled for the very end of his short reign of terror. Based on the movie's title alone, this film is the flagship of New Year's Eve horror and shouldn't be missed.


3. Rosemary's Baby (1968)

Did you forget that Roman Polanski's pregnancy-paranoia classic ROSEMARY'S BABY is set surrounding the New Year? I don't blame you. As an audience, we have better things to fear in the film than a bunch of satanic old people wearing sparkly hats and blowing those noisemaking thingamabobs. But yes, Rosemary's spawn is steadily getting "tighter and tighter like a wire" during the movie's New Year's sequence. And this small scene is made all the creepier when Roman declares, "To 1966! The year one!" The year one? What does he mean by– ohmygodno!


2. Ghostbusters II (1989)

This was my personal favorite go-to horror movie to watch on New Year's Eve as a kid. Sure it doesn't hold up to the quality of the original, but GHOSTBUSTERS 2 sports a ton of fun shite. Vigo is a fun if not a particularly scary villain, and I love his curly-haired minion played with comic delight by Peter MacNicol ("Everything you are doing is bad, I want you to know this"; "It's Viggo!"). Add to that the classic Statue of Liberty sequence and some killer one-liners from Bill Murray and co., and GHOSTBUSTERS 2 makes for one hell of a New Year's Eve viewing selection.


1. Terror Train (1980)

Hell, yeah, TERROR TRAIN. Basically, you have no reason to not slap a copy of the classic Jamie Lee Curtis slasher who-dun-it in your Blu-ray player this New Year's Eve. Chances are it has been a while since you watched the flick (last New Year's, right?) and you're well overdue for another ride on the murder express. Forget Johnny Depp and Luke Skywalker's daughter, and their Oriental Expresses. Let's all jump on the Jamie Lee and Hart Bochner train and call it a year. Sounds good to me!

What horror movies do you have on your must-watch list for New Year's Eve? Make sure to hit us up and let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

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