Face-Off: Pumpkinhead Vs. Sam

Last Updated on August 3, 2021

As I thought, the major majority agreed with the result of our last Michael Myers Face-Off which had 1981’s Halloween II easily disposing of Rob Zombie’s infamously awful Halloween II. There were just a few hard rockin Zombie lovers who felt shortchanged, but I think they need to watch his trashy version once more and listen to the dialogue. Regardless, let’s stab on!

In keeping with the exciting theme of all things Halloween, we’ve got a tasty little trick of a treat with today’s Face-Off. Two Halloween-centric horror heroes that have taken our beloved genre by storm are about to rumble through the pumpkin patch! So, put on a costume and keep your jack-o-lantern lit because it’s time for Pumpkinhead to take on Trick ‘R Treat’s Sam!

Pumpkinhead somewhat resembles an aging Alien (the kind Ripley fought). Still, he does come off as pretty creepy while stalking folks in the night. He’s got a huge noggin featuring an evil grin and a pair of dead white eyes that will haunt your dreams. His awkwardly jerking body and large, sharp claws only add to his menacing demeanor.
The cool thing about Sam is that he’s got two phases of his appearance. First, we get a creepy, smiling scarecrow-like costume in Halloween colors. The large burlap sack on his head works very well. Then, when his mask is pulled off, we become shocked by the second phase of his look, which resembles a living jack-o-lantern. It’s an unexpected surprise that really freaks you out.
PK does not need any weapons to take out his prey. He IS the weapon! Using his powerful, clawed hands, he crushes and rips apart anyone unfortunate enough to be in his way or on his to-do list. This overgrown gourd guy is a pillar of strength. If he grabs hold of a victim’s head or any other body part, dismemberment is a definite guarantee.
Sam may be a little dude, but he makes up for it with some inventive intensity and a hell of a mean streak! In the very first scene of Trick ‘R Treat, he makes incredible use of the pointed end of a bit lollipop in order to off a rather unspirited lady. Not satisfied, Sam goes on to dismember her entire body and hang all the limbs like Halloween decorations. It may be his only kill, but damn does it rock!
Vengeance, pure and simple. Pumpkinhead is the ultimate hitman of revenge. Once he is raised from the dead, he has no purpose other than to serve out the execution of those that have done his master/riser wrong. If you are marked or try to get in the way of his work, you’re just a goner.
Sam takes Halloween VERY seriously. In fact, you could think of him as an unofficial watchman of October 31st. If you respect the holiday, obey the rules, and have a fun time, you’re basically safe. However, if you refuse to show your Halloween spirit and shit all over the Eve of All Saints, then there will be Hell to pay. And this little guy is f*cking relentless.
Pumpkinhead has been shot at and hit. None of that shit stopped him from following through with his murderous duties. He is massive and basically indestructible… until his mission of vengeance is complete. That’s when whoever raised him has to make the ultimate sacrifice of becoming the next Pumpkinhead. Essentially, ol’ P-head’s a ticking time bomb who goes out on his own terms.
Quick, agile, strong, and very handy with a cracked lollipop, Sam is one tough motherf*cker, despite his size. He can easily wreck havoc on any Halloween rule breakers without ever being taken out. Even if he gets shot or dismembered, he comes right back good as new. To put it simply, the dude don’t die.
Since ol’ PK used to be human, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind throwing back a couple with ya on Halloween night. Plus, his ugly mug will probably work well sending the majority of the ladies your way. However, he’s so friggin’ large that a few hunnies may be interested in seeing if he’s that big everywhere.
If you’re looking for a fun time on Halloween, then Sam is your man. Have a blast trick-or-treating, getting into mischief, and punishing any lame soul that hates on the holiday. You may have a little trouble getting into a bar with someone who looks so young, but if you do, I think many costumed beauties would find him cute enough to flock your way.
Well, it looks like David just beat Goliath! The tiny terror of tricks ‘r treats took down the powerhouse from the patch! Although it wasn’t easy, you have to admit that nobody’s gonna beat Sam this close to Halloween. But before we blow out the candle on this jack-o-lantern, what are your thoughts on this festive fight? Blast them bullets below and let us know! And feel free to send any future Face-Off ideas to me at [email protected].

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