Fyre Festival will return to the Caribbean in 2024

Convicted fraudster Billy McFarland is bringing back Fyre Festival later next year, returning to the scene of the crimes against humanity.

Last Updated on August 24, 2023

Fyre Festival

The world’s most poorly planned, money-grabbing, disgusting music festival is back! No, not Woodstock ‘99, but the Fyre Festival, which is set to return next year. Just when you got the image of that cheese sandwich out of your head…

The brain cell behind the first Fyre Festival, Billy McFarland, announced the event in a YouTube video this week. “This is a big day because as of right now, Fyre Festival II tickets are officially on sale. It has been the absolute wildest journey to get here, and it really all started during a seventh-month stint in solitary confinement. I wrote out this 50-page plan of how it would take this overall interest and demand in Fyre and how it would take my ability to bring people from around the world together to make the impossible happen.”

The 2024 edition of Fyre Festival, like 2017’s event, will be held in the Caribbean, with tickets on sale now. Said tickets will be sold in waves, and yes, the first 100 (count ‘em 100!) are already sold. Remaining pre-sale tickets currently range anywhere from $799 to $7,999. But you better act fast when they do pop up again because, as McFarland put it, this is everything he’s been working towards and “Let’s f*ckin’ go.” No specifics as far as venues, performers or just how unaccommodating the entire experience will be have been released.

Following the original Fyre Festival, McFarland ended up being sentenced to six years in prison for wire fraud and owed $26 million in restitution; he served just four because he is most certainly a good boy who has learned his lesson and will never take advantage of anyone ever again to advance his own bank account and agenda. Fellow co-founder Ja Rule, meanwhile, had all charges dropped against him. The story itself is so wild that two dueling documentaries were released within four days of each other: Hulu’s Fyre Fraud and Netflix’s Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened.

What do you expect to happen with Fyre Festival II? Will people have learned their lesson from the first? Give us your take below.

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