Ghoulies: Trick or Treat Studios unveils Ghoulies II puppets and masks

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

The Ghoulies franchise has been dormant for way too long. It's been twenty-seven years since the last time we got a Ghoulies movie, and that last movie didn't even have the proper ghoulies in it (aside from flashbacks). While we wait to see if there ever is going to be another entry in the series (the director and writer of the original film have let it be known that they want to make a reboot), it has been revealed that the folks at Trick or Treat Studios are going to be giving the ghoulies some love this year.

Featured in the pages of the latest Trick or Treat Studios catalog is the first look at the Fish Ghoulie and Cat Ghoulie puppets Trick or Treat will be selling in 2021, as well as Fish Ghoulie and Rat Ghoulie masks. These items are based on the way the creatures appeared in Ghoulies II, which happens to be my favorite of the Ghoulies movies.

It's really cool to see this long-neglected franchise get some new attention in this way. A specific release date for the Ghoulies merchandise hasn't been announced yet.

Images of the puppets and masks can be seen below. Don't let your eyes deceive you, that's a tail hanging down between the Cat Ghoulie puppet's legs, not a different part of its anatomy.

Ghoulies II puppetsGhoulies II masks

Source: Trick or Treat Studios

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