The Ghoulies Companion book will dig into all 4 Ghoulies movies

Last Updated on August 2, 2021


Although it has been a while since I watched the GHOULIES movies, I do have a soft spot for the franchise, since I watched all four films multiple times throughout my youth. I feel like this is a series that doesn't get enough love, attention, or sequels, so I'm glad to hear that it will be getting the retrospective book treatment with the release of The Ghoulies Companion later this year.

Written by Graham Le Neve Painter, who has been running a GHOULIES fan site and GHOULIES social media accounts for years, The Ghoulies Companion takes 

an in-depth look at the making of the cult Ghoulies franchise.

The author told Blazing Minds that he spent a year tracking down cast and crew members from the four GHOULIES movies, and got more than 40 of them to contribute to the project. Among those interviewed were

Richard Band (Composer, Ghoulies)

John Buechler (Director, Ghoulies Go To College)

Jim Wynorski (Director, Ghoulies IV)

Jefrey Jevy (Writer, Ghoulies)

J Downing (Philip Hardin, Ghoulies II)

Hal Rayle (Ghoulie Voices, Ghoulies II)

Bob Bergen (Rat Ghoulie Voice, Ghoulies Go To College)

Arturo Gil (Ghoulie Lite, Ghoulies IV)

Eryn Krueger Mekash (FX, Ghoulies II)

Luca Bercovici (Director, Ghoulies)

Ames Morton (Paddy, Ghoulies II)

Annie Stocking (Ghoulie Voices, Ghoulies)

Fuzzbee Morse (Composer, Ghoulies II)

Lynette Ekland (Speciality Costume Fabricator, Ghoulies II)

Peter Liapis (Jonathan, Ghoulies & Ghoulies IV)

Evan MacKenzie (Skip, Ghoulies Go To College)

Scott Thomson (Mike, Ghoulies)

Mark Sevi (Writer, Ghoulies IV)

Kerry Remsen Cates (Nicole, Ghoulies II)

Eva La Rue (Erin, Ghoulies Go To College)

William Butler (Merle, Ghoulies II)

Donnie Jeffcoat (Eddie, Ghoulies II)

Phil Fondacaro (Sir Nigel Penneyweight, Ghoulies II)

Michael Deak, who worked in the makeup and special effects departments on three of the movies, was also interviewed and has written a foreword to the book.

In addition to the interviews, The Ghoulies Companion will also feature

hundreds of Ghoulies photos, posters, ads, newspaper/magazine articles, personal cast and crew pictures, script excerpts and so much more.

Said to include information that will surprise even the most hardcore GHOULIES fan, The Ghoulies Companion is being published by Miami Fox Publishing and is expected to be available by Halloween.

If you'd like to pick up the first two movies on Blu-ray while you wait, you can do so at THIS LINK.

Source: Blazing Minds, Ghoulies Movies

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