Halloween Kills: What Did You Think?

Among the many films delayed by COVID 19 was David Gordon Green’s highly anticipated Halloween Kills. If the pandemic had never reared its ugly head, we would be celebrating the release of the third film in the series, Halloween Ends, but it was not meant to be. So instead, we’ll be seeing that one, which they keep promising is the definitive end to the franchise, in one year.

Surprisingly, the reaction to Halloween Kills has been decidedly mixed. Reviews out of the Venice Film Festival were tepid, and the film itself has a pretty poor Rotten Tomatoes rating – only 45%. Nevertheless, our critics liked it. JimmyO gave it a strong 8/10, and our man Gaius Bolling said the following:

Halloween Kills is the embodiment of its namesake. In one of the most unrelenting and brutal slasher films I’ve seen in years, Michael Myers is out for blood. David Gordon Green directs with an atmospheric style that serves as an homage to the original film as he creates even more connections to the 1978 classic. While Jamie Lee Curtis is still the human face of the franchise as Laurie Strode, Judy Greer, and Andi Matichak step up as the next generation of Strode women going all in to take on The Shape. Bring on Halloween Ends!”

That said, both of those guys are massive fans of the franchise. As a more casual fan myself, I went into the film expecting it to be pretty bad when I saw it the other night, but I enjoyed it. Although it feels like a “middle film,” it’s still unapologetically brutal, but the biggest disappointment is definitely how limited Curtis’ role is this time. Still, I expect her to dominate the next film. I enjoyed Anthony Michael Hall as Tommy, and while it occasionally got a little self-indulgent, overall, I had a lot of fun.

Alas, dear reader, in the end, what we think doesn’t matter. We’re turning it over to YOU because we want to know what you all thought of the second film. So let us know in the talkbacks below!

Halloween Kills is now playing in theatres and is also available on Peacock to American subscribers. Also, check out some of our Halloween Kills interviews below!

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