Happy Death Day 3: Christopher Landon says chances for the sequel are dimming

Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2U director Christopher Landon says the chances of Happy Death Day 3 happening are getting dimmer.


Happy Death Day (watch it HERE) and Happy Death Day 2U (watch that one HERE) director Christopher Landon appears to be losing hope that Happy Death Day 3 (which would be called Happy Death Day to Us) is ever going to happen. Although he, producer Jason Blum, and franchise star Jessica Rothe all want to make one more movie in the series, distributor Universal is less enthusiastic about the idea because Happy Death Day 2U wasn’t as successful as its predecessor.  And Landon believes that as we get further from the second film’s 2019 release date, the chances of Happy Death Day 3 happening get lower.

When asked if there was any progress on Happy Death Day 3, Landon told Slash Film, “No movement at all, sadly. There was a tiny moment where I really felt like I had Universal’s attention, but they forgot about me. [laughs] I think it’s a really tough one for them, and I’m being really blunt and honest in that the first movie was very successful. It made a lot of money. It was well-received. And the sequel was not. The sequel is loved by people who have seen it, but it did not make a lot of money, and it was not a success for them. So it’s very hard to motivate them to make a third movie when the last one just didn’t perform. Those are the hard economics of the business. So I don’t know what it would take. There was talk for a minute of it maybe being a Peacock thing. Maybe. Maybe one day. The beauty of it is that my idea, the whole idea for the third movie, it is not dependent on any sort of specific window or timeframe. So I could make it any time, but I mean, as the years draw past, I feel like our chances are dimming. What’s funny is that every time Jason Blum is on Twitter and he talks about projects they’re doing and whatnot, there’s inevitably, there’s always at least a few people who say, “But what about Happy Death Day 3?” So there are a lot of people out there who want the movie, but I just think it just isn’t enough.

Landon directed Happy Death Day from a screenplay by Scott Lobdell. The 2017 film had the following synopsis: Blumhouse Productions brings you this original and inventive thriller in which a blissfully self-centered co-ed (Jessica Rothe) is doomed to relive the day of her murder… unless she can identify her masked assailant and hopefully stop the madness. If she can’t, she will be stuck in an insane loop, reliving the ghoulish nightmare that has become her death day.

Landon wrote and directed Happy Death Day 2U, which tells this story: It’s déjà vu all over again for Tree Gelbman, the snarky sorority sister who solved her own murder by repeatedly reliving it. But now the masked campus killer has mysteriously rematerialized to terrorize new targets, and Tree must cycle through another time loop of terrifying chills, clever twists, and pulse-pounding suspense in this inventive follow-up to Blumhouse’s hit thriller Happy Death Day.

Are you hoping to see Happy Death Day 3? Let us know by leaving a comment below. I didn’t enjoy Happy Death Day 2U quite as much as the first movie, but I would still like to see another sequel.


Source: SlashFilm

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