Happy Death Day 3 director says there’s news on the horizon

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Happy Death Day (watch it HERE) and Happy Death Day 2U (watch that one HERE) director Christopher Landon wants to make a Happy Death Day 3. He has an idea in place, and the title would be Happy Death Day to Us. Producer Jason Blum wants to make another sequel, even though Happy Death Day 2U wasn't as successful as its predecessor. Star Jessica Rothe is enthusiastic about reprising the role of heroine Tree, even if the sequel doesn't happen for decades. She'll gladly follow the Jamie Lee Curtis / Halloween path. So it really seems like we're going to get this sequel at some point, it's just a matter of when. 

It sounds like good news is drawing closer, because Landon recently took to Twitter to tell an anxious fan, "I might have some news on the distant horizon for you."

Okay, so it's distant, but at least it's on the horizon.

Landon has previously said, 

The idea for the third film is not set in the same day, if that's a big spoiler. So it can happen later. We're not up against a really difficult clock right now. The other movies were hard, because they were set in the exact same day, so everybody had to look the same, be the same. The pressure is off there."

Happy Death Day was released in 2017 and earned over $125 million at the global box office. In 2019, Happy Death Day 2U pulled in just under $65 million. That's why Happy Death Day to Us still hasn't been given a greenlight.

While we wait for this sequel, Landon has given us Freaky, another really cool slasher.

Source: Twitter, JoBlo

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