Harvey Weinstein to appeal rape conviction

Harvey Weinstein will appeal the sentencing in his rape trial after being hit with an additional 16 years behind bars.

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Weinstein rape

Just a few days after being sentenced to 16 years in prison in his rape case, it’s been announced to nobody’s surprise that Harvey Weinstein will appeal. This would be an attempt to avoid that time in jail, which would be in addition to the 23 he has already been sentenced to.

Weinstein’s rep issued the following statement on the rape charges, blasting the media for unfair coverage…and not the former Hollywood producer for being a scumbag: “This whole process has been alarming and awful for our society…The media coverage has been driven by a seemingly popular appeal, which I believe has led to biased legal and judicial processes by people more concerned about their political and professional lives, or their own extreme ideologies, than truly being arbiters of justice.” She continued, “Harvey Weinstein was the symbol, and truth or facts didn’t matter. He is universally reviled, so it was determined that fairness shouldn’t matter…That’s what this societal shift has caused: Just get him at any cost, no matter how, laws and due process be damned. That’s a scary and slippery slope for us all.” Also seen as a slippery slope: allowing people in power to get away with harassment, assault and rape.

Weinstein has, predictably, maintained his innocence throughout the rape case, saying, “It is incredible to be convicted for a crime I wasn’t even present for. I am innocent. I never raped or assaulted anyone,” in particular calling out Jane Doe #1, who recently revealed her identity as actress Evgeniya Chernyshova.

Harvey Weinstein is now 70, so the full sentences would most certainly guarantee him spending the rest of his days behind bars. That should give him plenty of time to consider his shameful acts–and we’re not talking about getting Shakespeare in Love the Best Picture Oscar.

Last year, the remarkable She Said chronicled the journalistic investigation that helped expose Harvey Weinstein’s rape and sexual misconduct allegations, leading to his downfall and trials.

Do you think Harvey Weinstein will be successful in his appeal? Or will he end up spending the rest of his life in prison? Give us your take on the Weinstein rape case in the comments section below.


Source: Variety

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