Helping the dead pass on gets tricky in horror short Like a Virus! Video

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Hey all! Here's we go again! We're proud to feature yet another sturdy horror short as part of our horror short film showcase on our JOBLO HORROR VIDEOS channel. On this round, it's Director Gabriel Veendendaal's trippy film LIKE A VIRUS (tap the embed above to take it in) written by Erin Broussard. The piece stars Amy Wickenhesier (The Red Hours, The Shelter) and Thomas Johnston (The Shelter) with a score by Patrick Irwin. Produced by Donny Broussard and Erin Broussard (of Mallow Entertainment), LIKE A VIRUS tells the sordid tale of…

Felicity has a preternatural ability to help disaffected spirits pass peacefully, but when a trickster invades her visions, she struggles to make sense of her newest assignment.

Here's what director Gabriel Veenendaal had to say about the project and what he's been up to since!

Like a Virus begin from a script written by Erin Broussard based on the comic of the same name written by Ken Lowery & Robert Wilson IV. Shortly after finishing the script, I was approached by producer Donny Broussard to direct the film after recently finishing my Comedy Web Series: Bounce Houses & Baseball Cards. I flew into New Orleans from Los Angeles in July, where we had three days to rehearse, prep and film, and we did it, thanks to a great crew and cast, even after battling one of those infamous Louisiana thunderstorms. Shortly after Like A Virus, I directed and edited a short documentary titled “Roxy” about a female boxer from East Los Angeles, and I am currently developing a handful of projects including a short film to be released in early 2021.

You can check out the LIKE A VIRUS one-sheet, some behind the scenes stills and more of our featured horror shorts by scrolling the f*ck down!


Source: Arrow the Head

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