American Horror Story 3 set to be a romance? Paulson & Peters return

Well here's a sure fire way to lose viewers...

After that full-fledged "Glee" number seen on a recent episode of "American Horror Story: Asylum," creator Ryan Murphy dished some deets on the show's 3rd season that may have fans just as alienated. According to Deadline, season 3 of "AHS" will be a "romance set in modern times," whatever the hell that means. More encouraging to me personally is the confirmation that Sarah Paulson (above) and Evan Peters are set to rejoin Jessica Lange (below) in the 3rd entry. Frankly, if it weren't for Lange (2-time Oscar winner btw), I wouldn't watch a single episode. And this Paulson chick is a true talent. Peters? Meh.

Perhaps the directorial talent of the series knows when to get out while the getting's good. Earlier today we heard "AHS" director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon will focus his attention on remaking the 70s slasher flick THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN. Almost sad to say, but I'd much rather see a remake of that film than a lame ass "romance set in modern times"...on TV.

What says you though? Does "AHS" have your attention no matter what angle or avenue taken? Or has the show already lost you?

How dare you forget how fine Lange used to be!

Extra Tidbit: Point blank, you still watching "AHS"?
Source: Deadline



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