Anchor Bay secures Lords of Salem and Dimension gives Eli Roth some love

Another day, another bit of THE LORDS OF SALEM news. On today’s episode, we reveal how Anchor Bay secured the rights to the Rob Zombie witch film following its premiere at TIFF last week. Then, in a sudden twist, we’ll discuss the future of two Eli Roth properties.

Horror veterans Anchor Bay, who has had previous dealings with Zombie distributing THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO, outbid both Millennium Entertainment and Image for the rights to his latest surrealist horror film. Specific numbers are being kept under wraps, but it is speculated that the minimum cost to secure the flick is around $2 million. Of the partnership, Zombie said “I have always been a fan of the care and respect Anchor Bay has put into their genre titles. I can’t wait to work together to bring this bizarre, special movie to the masses.”

The $2 million price tag Anchor Bay is willing to pay is garnering comparison with Dimension Films, who pulled a one-two punch on Eli Roth by securing both his disaster film AFTERSHOCK (in which he stars) and the horror film CLOWN (which he produces). AFTERSHOCK, directed by Nicolas Lopez, premiered at the fest, while the Jon Watts directed CLOWN has yet to start production. It is worth noting that CLOWN has become something of a viral video sensation thanks to a mock trailer, which you can check out below.

So what do you think, Schmoes? Are these properties in good hands with Anchor Bay and Dimension? Or are we going to be treated to “Dimension Extreme” and “Divimax” foul-ups? Talk back with your opinion...

Extra Tidbit: Yes, the picture above was a prime motivator in the writing of this article. What of it!?!
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