Awesome Horror Art: Stephen King's IT

One of the things I like most about when a film, or in this case a trailer, gets all the attention that the recent trailer for STEPHEN KING'S IT has is the fan art. It pops up quickly and all over the internet.

I went and hunted down what I could find and collected for you guys 50 individual pieces. Some are amazing, some rival the actual trailer for horrifying, some are silly, and some are flat out confusing... 

All the same, I love looking through fan art. Seeing a drawing on notebook paper, or a random item like a coffee cup, makes me think back to the days of being an utterly bored high school student and endlessly drawing the titles of movies I was obsessed with across my homework, folders, and (shh...) sometimes my desk. I wasn't much of an artist so the titles alone had to do. 

Check out the awesome artwork below!

STEPHEN KING'S IT: PART I hits theaters September 8th.

Extra Tidbit: Which piece is YOUR favorite?



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