Barbara Crampton to co-host Fangoria's Ghoul Gang Slumber Party

Barbara Crampton Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

I don't generally have much interest in ghost hunting, but the newly revived Fangoria is set to finance the pilot for a new ghost hunting project that I would definitely watch. For one thing, it has the awesome title Ghoul Gang Slumber Party, and for another one of the "ghoul gang" members having slumber parties is genre icon Barbara Crampton (pictured above in PUPPET MASTER: THE LITTLEST REICH).

Created by Suki-Rose Simakis, co-creator of the mobile hame JoinDispatch, and April Wolfe, host of the podcast Switchblade Sisters and former LA Weekly film critic, Ghoul Gang Slumber Party involves

four women brave enough to spend the night in a famous haunted house while getting tipsy on wine, communing with the spirits, and learning about witchy traditions. Light and fun with a dash of double, double toil and trouble, Ghoul Gang Slumber Party channels all the hilarity of childhood sleepovers mixed with the likes Queer Eye and Drunk History, with ghosts!

Wolfe and Crampton will be two of those women, with writer/actress/comedian Dani Fernandez as the third regular host. Comedian Jamie Loftus is their special guest and the fourth slumber partier in the pilot; it sounds like the fourth member of the group will be a different guest every episode, if the series moves forward.

Simakas and Wolfe are executive producing the show with Fangoria's Dallas Sonnier, Amanda Presmyk, and Phil Nobile Jr. The creators had this to say about their show:

The fundamental cores of both feminism and witchcraft are sisterhood and female empowerment. It feels very of the moment to weave together witches and gender parity."

The Ghoul Gang Slumber Party pilot will go into production in September. Hopefully we'll have the chance to see it sometime down the line.

Extra Tidbit: How does Ghoul Gang Slumber Party sound to you?
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