Birdemic's Whitney Moore battles brain-eating maggots in Rotgut

Actress Whitney Moore (right) has already had to fend herself from attacking animals in the instant cult classic BIRDEMIC; now she will face mutated, brain-eating maggots in a new independent flick called ROTGUT. Below you will find the teaser art and a teaser trailer.

The story revolves around a seedy downtown bar on a seemingly quiet Sunday morning. Arriving at the doors is the usual collection of drunks, losers and lost souls. But when a batch of very bad booze is introduced into the mix, this group of unlikely, down-on-their-heels heroes must fight back against a growing horde of mutated, brain-eating maggot creatures.

Billy Garberina directs of a screenplay written by Devin O'Leary. Moore co-stars alongside Jeremy Own, Israel Wright, Aaron Worley, Megan Pribyl, Paul Alsing, Merritt Glover, Eric Bodwell, Charlie Dearing and Rusty Rutherford. The film is currently being edited for an eventual DVD release.

Extra Tidbit: Aside from the cheesy artwork, do you think this one has potential?
Source: AITH



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