Cabin Fever prequel director found with comic artist Kaare Andrew

There is a prequel to CABIN FEVER in the works, this one is going to go under the title of CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO. Well the film looks to have found its director with comic book artist Kaare Andrews.

Andrews is perhaps best known as a writer and artist for Marvel, he made his directorial debut with ALTITUDE. He was also one of the participants of ABC’s of Death, with the entry V IS FOR VAGITUS. Seems like an inspired choice to helm the new film, and a great opportunity for him.

The prequel is coming to us from distribuot Indomina Group, with CABIN FEVER producer Evan Astrowsky and Hypotenuse Pictures producing with Indomina. Jake Wade Wall (writer of THE HITCHER remake) has penned the script. The film will serve as a segue into a sequel tentatively titled CABIN FEVER: OUTBREAK.

Heat Vision gave this plot description of the film: PATIENT ZERO will tell the origin of the flesh-eating virus that was unleashed in the 2002 original, directed by Eli Roth. The new film follows the passengers of a cruise ship in the Caribbean that runs aground a research island. They must find a way to survive before the disease consumes them.

CABIN FEVER'S Cerina Vincent

Extra Tidbit: Sounds like an odd idea for a prequel, what do you think?
Source: Heat Vision



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