Canadian cutie Allie MacDonald suits up for musical slasher flick Stage Fright

Early August gave us the news that Douglas Smith and the one and only Meatloaf were cast in the cool sounding musical slasher flick STAGE FRIGHT. Well ladies and gents, here comes Allie MacDonald entering stage right!

THR has confirmed the Canadian cutie - who can be seen in horror flicks THE BARRENS and HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET this fall (also to the right in sexy Blag Flag cut-off) - has won a coveted female lead in STAGE FRIGHT. No details for her part were given beyond that.

Written and directed by Jerome Sable: STAGE FRIGHT is about a teen who lands a role in a snobby Broadway-bound show. Her joy disappears when the production is terrorized by a masked killer who hates musicals.

Hard to find a better setup than that. Are high hopes out of order though? Seems a dearth of good slasher joints has taken hold.

STAGE FRIGHT - a Serendipity Point Films production - is set to lens next month outside Toronto.

Extra Tidbit: Do you hate musicals?
Source: THR



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