Carnage will be in Sony's R-rated Venom w/ Tom Hardy

Nice! As excited as I have been for a worthy VENOM movie, my excitement jumped up ten-fold when we found out that not only was Tom Hardy set to play Eddie Brock this time around, but that the film was shooting for a glorious (and hopefully) gory R-rating!

The one hold-out for me was if the Spidey villain CARNAGE was going to be included in the flick, which seemed like a no-brainer to me. But we were left wondering if the film would use Carnage to his full potential or just have him show up in a mid/post credit sequence.

While all of that business has yet to be confirmed, THR just put out an article which details the lengths Sony had to go through with Marvel to set up their SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING movie within the MCU, which is owned by Disney. The article is interesting and all (and I'll provide a link to the full article below if you're super interested in that whole mess) but the coolest bit of info was all but hidden in the middle of the post.

Carnage WILL be featured in VENOM alongside (or fighting) Tom Hardy!

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You can check out the full THR article HERE. VENOM starts shooting this September in Atlanta, GA.

Extra Tidbit: Now, who do you think should play CARNAGE?
Source: THR



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