Maniac gets a French behind-the-scenes featurette


Alexandre Aja and Franck Khalfoun's MANIAC had its premiere in France last weekend. With this in mind it makes total sense that a French behind-the-scenes featurette would start making the rounds online. If you're a Yank and you wish to protect yourself from spoilers, I would suggest promptly hitting the back button on your browser now. If you don't care and wish to get some insights on the making of the movie, by all means scroll down...

The NSFW video is in English with French subtitles. In a scant four minutes it gets insights from director Khalfoun, writer/producer Aja, producer William Lustig, star Elija Wood and other members of the cast and crew. It's sort of a puff piece, but that's okay-- the lurid thrills of MANIAC look anything but puffy. I'd say the convention of the documentary sort of balances out given the dark subject matter.

IFC Midnight recently acquired the film for North American release sometime next year. The flick has gotten solid reviews across the board and looks to be a great successor to William Lustig's original film. Check out the video below and keep on the lookout for further MANIAC updates.

Extra Tidbit: America Olivio (pictured above) plays Elijah Wood's mother in the film. In flashback, I'm guessing...
Source: Premiere France



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