Check out these new stills from Manborg

The wicked looking sci-fi flick MANBORG is heading to select theaters and DVD on April 30th from Dark Sky Films and we've got a few new stills to show you guys — and yes, the movie still looks absolutely ridiculous. You really can't describe the amount of insanity that looks to be going on in this movie. I'm definitely intrigued and can't wait to check it out!

The armies of hell have taken over the Earth, and all that stands in the way of the villainous Count Draculon (Adam Brooks) and humanity’s total extinction is a motley crew of misfits led by the mighty Manborg (Matthew Kennedy): a warrior who’s half-man, half-machine – and all hero!

This campy, comedic action flick, which Variety called "enjoyably ridiculous," is also an affectionate and clever tribute to fan favorite '80s films and video games like THE TERMINATOR, ROBOCOP, and MORTAL KOMBAT and will be hitting select theaters and DVD on April 30th.

Check out the new stills!

Extra Tidbit: Are you guys as excited as we are to see MANBORG?
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