Close Calls teaser interrupts underwear pizza time

Close Calls Jordan Phipps

Writer/director Richard Stringham has made his feature debut with CLOSE CALLS, a horror film about 

Morgan MacKenzie, a troubled, paranoid teen who is forced to deal with her crazy grandma and a psychotic stalker when her father leaves her home alone. Before the night is over, Morgan must also face her own fears and inner demons when she believes everyone she knows is plotting against her. 

Jordan Phipps takes on the lead role, with her co-stars including Janis Duley, Joseph Melero, Kristof Waltermire, Star McCann, Carmen Patterson, Greg Fallon, and Alix Kruntorad.

As Stringham puts the finishing touches on CLOSE CALLS, promo art for the film has arrived online and can be seen below. Composer Rocky Gray pulled double duty to create the art, which has a nice '80s throwback vibe to it.

A teaser has also been released, primarily focused on Morgan going around the house in her underwear - and this imagery will likely be enough to draw in a lot of viewers. She gets out some pizza, slathers it with Ranch dressing... and then the horror element kicks in, offering a quick glimpse of some very stylized, colorful cinematography that makes me think of the works of Italian filmmakers Mario Bava and Dario Argento. It makes sense, then, that this Arkansas-based production gives its director a "regia di" credit.

Further details on CLOSE CALLS are forthcoming. In the meantime, give a look to the teaser and artwork.

Close Calls art

Extra Tidbit: How does CLOSE CALLS sound to you?
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