Coscarelli, Crampton, Bowen, and Grant upset the Applecart

Applecart AJ Bowen Don Coscarelli Brad Baruh

Filmmaker Brad Baruh has a strong support system backing him up on his feature directorial debut APPLECART, which is currently filming in Lake Tahoe and Los Angeles.

PHANTASM creator Don Coscarelli is executive producing the movie, which has a cast headed up by a few very familiar faces from the genre; Barbara Crampton, AJ Bowen, and Brea Grant. Sophie Dalah, Elise Luthman, and Joshua Hoffman also star.

With a team like that, I think Baruh's first feature is going to come together just fine.

The story of APPLECART will be told through a mixture of documentary-style news format and classic cinematic narrative style. It 

concerns a family’s murderous encounter in the woods and is related in a dual storyline that explores two very different perspectives.

Bloody-Disgusting and Entertainment Weekly both received exclusive pictures from the film. I've included a couple of the shots in this article, the others can be seen at the source links below.

Applecart Don Coscarelli Brad Baruh

Extra Tidbit: How does APPLECART sound to you?
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