CSI:NY hottie Natalie Martinez trapped Under the Dome

Just last week we got word about the first bit of casting on Stephen King and Steven Spielberg's upcoming adaptation of UNDER THE DOME (check that out HERE, yo!) and today we have two more names to add to the cast-list.

CSI: NEW YORK hottie Natalie Martinez and newcomer Alex Koch join the previously announced Colin Ford for this highly-anticipated 13-episode CBS mini-series that is set to air this summer. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Martinez has been tapped to play Deputy Linda, a young, ambitious deputy who's is fiercely loyal to the as-yet-uncasted Sheriff Duke Perkins, who runs a tight ship in the town of Chester's Mill, while Koch will play Junior Rennie, a deeply disturbed college freshman and the son of local politician and car dealer Big Jim Rennie.

Based on the 2009 Stephen King novel, UNDER THE DOME is set in Chester’s Mill, a small New England town suddenly and inexplicably sealed off from the rest of the world by an enormous transparent dome. The town’s inhabitants must deal with surviving the post-apocalyptic conditions while searching for answers to what this barrier is, where it came from and if and when it will go away.

With filming set to begin in just a few weeks we can expect to hear a lot more casting news in the coming days. The thirteen episode series premieres on CBS June 24th.

Actress-Model Martinez got her big break in 2008's DEATH RACE

Extra Tidbit: Have you read King's UNDER THE DOME? Who would you like to see cast in the mini-series?



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