Dimension developing Polaroid for August 2017 release

Polaroid Lars Klevberg

A little over thirteen months ago, I shared the news that Dimension Films and writer/director Lars Klevberg were teaming up to turn his sixteen minute short POLAROID into a feature film. One that would ideally be the first installment in a franchise.

I'm sure this past summer's success of David F. Sandberg's LIGHTS OUT, which started as a three minute short, has emboldened Klevberg and producers Chris Bender, Jake Weiner, Jake Wagner, Roy Lee, Petter Løkke, and John Hagen as they move forward with POLAROID, and Dimension seems confident as well - although there has been no casting or production start date news, the company has already announced an August 25, 2017 release date for it.

Sandberg did not write the feature expansion of LIGHTS OUT's concepts, that film was written by Eric Heisserer. Similarly, Klevberg is not writing the POLAROID feature himself - the screenplay has been written by Blair Butler and 

focuses on a series of mysterious teen deaths and an old Polaroid camera with a secret, evil history: The kids start turning up dead after being photographed.

Here's hoping that Dimension will keep POLAROID in that August 25 slot; the delays AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING has been put through have made me wary of their release date announcements. 

Polaroid Lars Klevberg

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