Dimension to expand Lars Klevberg's short Polaroid into a feature

Norwegian writer/director Lars Klevberg's sixteen minute short film POLAROID has gone over so well at its festival screenings, including a recent one at the Los Angeles Horror Competition, where it won Best Short and Best Cinematography, that it has caught the attention of Dimension Films, who have acquired the rights to expand the story into a feature film... And maybe multiple feature films. Dimension is thinking franchise on this one.

The short's synopsis: 

Sarah and Linda discover an old Polaroid camera in the clearing of Sarah's house. In their own selfishness they exploit the camera, only to discover what horrible past it hides.

Klevberg will direct the expansion on his idea, but the plan is for a different screenwriter to handle the adaptation.

The film will be produced by Chris Bender, Jake Weiner, and Jake Wagner of Benderspink, Roy Lee of Vertigo, and Klevberg's fellow producers on the short, Petter Løkke and John Hagen of El Dorado Films.

I'll be taking a "wait and see" approach to this one. The short was interesting and well made, but very simple, and even felt a bit overlong to me at just sixteen minutes. Still, the right writer could crack the story open and make it work for 90 minutes. Horror movies have been built around lesser (and sillier) things than a cursed Polaroid camera.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of this idea?
Source: Deadline



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