Director Kimberly Peirce weighs in on the Carrie remake starring Chloe Moretz

We knew that the CARRIE remake was happening. We knew Chloe Moretz (LET ME IN, KICK-ASS) was going to star. Recently, we also learned the film's release date. Now, the movie's director Kimberly Peirce decided to drop some interesting tidbits on the project.

Here's what insight Peirce had to share, via her FaceBook page, on the story and Chloe Moretz preparing for the part:

I am also modernizing the story as one has to in order to bring any great piece of work written in one era into the next and especially given how very relevant this material is right now. Chloe is going deep into character to get this right....sewing her own dresses, spending time in her closet....and so much more....Thanks for all the great wishes. We are on it! And privileged to be working with such great source material.

While the need to modernize the story seems like a no-brainer, the part about Chloe Moretz getting all psychological in order to portray the titular troubled teen is intriguing to say the least. Here's hoping that she delivers one hell of an intense performance.

In case you haven't seen it in a while, here's the synopsis for the original story:

In one way or another, everybody abused Carrie. Her fanatical mother forbade this sixteen-year-old misfit everything that was young and fun. She was teased and taunted by her classmates, misunderstood by her teachers, and given up as hopeless by almost everyone.

But Carrie had a secret: she possessed terrifying telekinetic powers that could make inanimate objects move, a lighted candle fall, or a door lock. Carrie could make all kinds of startling bizarre, and malevolent things happen. And so she did one night, when feeling scorned and humiliated...and growing angrier and angrier...she became the vengeful demon who let the whole town feel her power.

We're sure to learn more as the production progresses throughout the following months.

Extra Tidbit: Do you think Chloe Moretz (above) will top her previous performances in this one?
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