Dredd gets a Mondo poster!

Congratulations, DREDD. You are now officially eligible to sit at the cool kids table. I know it may be jumping the gun, but given the critical reception you're received and this latest Mondo poster (see below), I'd say you earned it.

The poster marks DREDD'S screening at Austin, Texas' Fantastic Fest, which will have stars Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, and screenwriter Alex Garland in attendance. Those in attendance will be able to purchase the one-sheet, which has been specially designed by Mondo artist Jock. This once again reiterates my opinion that we should all be living in Austin because that's where cool movie sh*t consistently happens. What are we non-Austinites doing with our lives here, people? For those of us who can't attend, any leftover DREDD posters will be sold online. So keep your fingers crossed for that opportunity...

Mondo poster or not, is there anyone among us who isn't completely pumped to see DREDD blast his way into theaters tomorrow? Check out the poster and prepare yourself to be judged this weekend!


Extra Tidbit: I will also be picking up JUDGE DREDD on Blu-ray. "I knew you'd say that!"
Source: EWMondo



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