Emma Roberts is a friendly spirit in supernatural comedy Anya's Ghost

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Emma Roberts has signed on to star in the supernatural comedy ANYA'S GHOST, which is an adaptation of the award-winning 2011 graphic novel of the same name from writer/illustrator Vera Brosgol.

IT director Andy Muschietti and his producer/sister Barbara Muschietti purchased the rights to ANYA'S GHOST in 2015, but they are not mentioned in the announcement of Roberts' casting. Instead, the producers are said to be Jeremy Bolt and Benedict Carver.

The screenwriter the Muschiettis hired is still involved with the project: that's author Patrick Ness, who recently wrote the screenplay adaptation of his own novel A MONSTER CALLS (a film which got a 9/10 review from Chris Bumbray and an 8/10 review from Jake Dee).

ANYA'S GHOST tells the story of 

Anya, an unpopular 16-year-old who gets stranded in an underground cave where she rescues Emily, the apparent ghost of a teenage girl who died a century earlier. Initially, Anya thinks her new “friend” may be the best thing that ever happened to her. But the relationship has unforeseen consequences for Anya, her friends and her family.

Roberts will be playing the ghostly Emily.

The film is set to be directed by Dan Mazer, who previously directed the comedies I GIVE IT A YEAR and DIRTY GRANDPA. Mazer has also done a lot of work with Sacha Baron Cohen in the past, including co-writing ALI G INDAHOUSE, BORAT, and BRUNO.

If you would like to pick up a copy of the ANYA'S GHOST graphic novel, you can do so at THIS LINK.

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