Emma Watson rejoins David Yates in new psycho-drama Your Voice In My Head

To all you ardent POTTER heads who're sad the series is over, perhaps this will make you feel a bit better...

Deadline is reporting Emma Watson (below) has rejoined her HARRY POTTER director David Yates, this time for his new psycho-drama YOUR VOICE IN MY HEAD, a film we alerted you to back in December. The psychological thriller is being adapted from Emma Forrest's novel, and with Warner Bros.' good working relationship with Yates, word is such high profile actors as George Clooney and Tom Hanks are being targeted to star opposite Watson.

As we told you before, YOUR VOICE IN MY HEAD is about a young woman who self harms and she visits this psychiatrist who helps her to learn to live again. It's got very heightened, odd moments in it that are slightly trippy.

Definitely sounds like more adult material, both for Yates and Watson. We've seen how Daniel Radcliffe has chosen to steer his post-POTTER career, it'll be interesting to see the same from Watson. So far, both seem gravitated toward dark genre material, a choice I think we can all appreciate.  Who know, maybe this is the next MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE.

Extra Tidbit: You think Watson is ready to breakout in a more serious, matured fashion?
Source: Deadline



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