Explore Friday the 13th: The Game's Camp Crystal Lake

Friday the 13th: The Game is the biggest thing to happen to Jason Voorhees since his big New York vacation. Not only will it be more engaging than the notoriously lousy NES, it will actually allow fans to play as Jason! This new video details the environment in which players will be able to stalk and slash with panache.

It seems like the environment is very closely modeled on the camp from the original FRIDAY THE 13TH. Jason didn't appear as an adult figure until PART 2 and he didn't get his mask until PART 3, so this might actually be a more faithful sequel than the big lug has ever gotten. I'm no gamer, but I'm a big enough fan that this video still makes my heart skip a beat. Check it out below!

The game still needs help reaching their $700K goal, so go help 'em out on their Kickstarter page! You have nine days to make this dream a reality!

Extra Tidbit: Did you ever beat the NES FRIDAY THE 13TH game?



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