Fear Street movie will be an original story & might be the first of many

I meet R. L. Stine once. I was at SPOOKY EMPIRE's annual Weekend of Horrors in Orlando, FL. (you can check out my full coverage of the event HERE). We had been up all night drinking and partying - as I was know to do back in my youth - and it turned out Stine was doing an interview panel the next morning, at some ungodly hour, like, 10am. 


But did I miss it? You can bet your haunted fuc*king mask I didn't miss that sh*t. 

So I wake up early as hell, after spending the previous night watching a certain DREAM WARRIOR make-out with a certain CABIN FEVER actress, and stumbled my happy ass down to the panel room to see R. L. (that's what I call him now that we're buds) talk the GOOSEBUMPS/FEAR STREET talk.

After a Q&A it came time for questions. I fought to think of one. Finally I asked him "Were you mad when M. Night Shyamalan stole your ending from THE GHOST NEXT DOOR and used it, to great success, in THE SIXTH SENSE?"

He answered, "No."

That was one of the great moments of my life. That and when I almost got knocked the fu*k out by Kane Hodder. But that is a tale of another time...

Anyhow, after the news broke, via Stine himself, that FEAR STREET would be getting it's own movie, R. L. Stine took to Twitter again recently and tweeted out:

Well, I should hope so, dude. 

While I am a tiny bit upset that the FEAR STREET movie will not be based on one of the novels (I mean, come on, there a literally like hundreds of them), truth be told, I get it. 100% I get it. As much as I dig the FEAR STREET books, I'm mostly positive they are borderline crap-tastic garbage.

Maybe new blood is what the feature flick needs. As far as there (possibly) being more than one FEAR STREET flick? Duh. Everyone hopes for a franchise now-a-days. If the first FEAR STREET movie is awesome (or even marginally cool) I'll be down for others. If it blows, or sucks, then just make it a TV series and call it a  day.

Extra Tidbit: Let's say YOU get to ask R.L. Stine ONE question. What would it be?
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