First images from creature feature Dead Squad reveal the characters

Dead Squad

A couple months ago, we learned that seven foot tall "Australian giant" Conan Stevens would be starring in the creature feature DEAD SQUAD. Marking the feature directorial debut of Dominik Hauser, DEAD SQUAD is now filming in the Balinese jungle, and pictures have been shared from the set that introduce some of the film's characters.

The characters seen in these pictures appear to be the 

group of young people who become lost in the jungle during a river rafting trip and stumble upon a long lost ruin that is home to a host of mysterious monsters.

Waiting in the jungle for them are Stevens and 6'8" model Erika Ervin (a.k.a. Amazon Eve) as Z-13 and Zombie Queen, "the King and Queen of a weird Dantean underworld". An underworld that has been created on huge sets constructed at Movie Studio Bali.

Hauser, who also wrote the screenplay with Nancy Thornhill, says he is aiming to make DEAD SQUAD "an epic zombie splatterfest". That sounds very promising, as does the description of the movie as "a campy, splatter-filled horror adventure that harkens back to the classic films of the early '80s".

DEAD SQUAD is being produced by Orlando Bassi of Movie Studio Bali and Christopher Hatton, the writer/producer/director of BATTLE OF THE DAMNED.

Extra Tidbit: How does DEAD SQUAD sound to you?



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